On June 13, 1972 a 14 year old boy was pushing his bicycle to a nearby gas station on a country road to put air in his tire when he came across the body of a savagely beaten boy in a creek.

The child was found in the shallow waters of Massey Creek on Old Colchester Road just off of Interstate 95 and not far from Fort Belvoir.

He had suffered blunt force trauma injuries to the head and abrasions on his entire body, including old scars from obvious past physical abuse.

He was stripped naked, but police found no evidence that he was sexually abused.

The autopsy found that the boy had a full stomach indicating he likely ate a meal prior to the ruthless, brutal beating that ultimately ended his short, innocent life.

The child's face was so battered, it required a forensic artist to reconstruct police photos taken of the child in an attempt to restore what the child may have appeared to look like while alive.

At the time of his death, police checked teletypes for missing children through out the East Coast, but none matched.

Investigators named this child "Tyrone", but would like to rightfully return him his true identity.

The child was buried by a local Alexandria Christian charitable association.
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